Why Use the Services at M&M Traffic Control?


  • Road Management Service TownsvilleWe are fully compliant with the Queensland Road Management Act 2004 Code of Practice for worksite safety related to Traffic Management.
  • We are fully committed to protect the safety of our staff engaged in carrying out road works, and that of other road users which forms the basis of our OH&S manual and has lead to obtaining the AS/NZ 4081 Occupational Health and Safety standards.


  • Our traffic controllers on the ground are the public face of M & M Traffic Control and Our Client alike and we require them to work in extreme conditions, often isolated and for long periods of time.
  • We therefore ensure our team members are fit, mature and fully ticketed and accredited for the tasks they undertake and have available the resources to ensure OH & S standards are maintained throughout.


  • The modern face of business today, shifts pressure upon our customers and their clients. Our M & M Traffic Control Managers, Staff and Resources are therefore on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with any requirements you may have in consideration of projected works or emergency situations that may arise.


Flexible Labour HireIn order to add value to our client, our traffic controllers are able to be utilised when the work site has stopped for any period of time, i.e. truck turnaround time is in excess of 1 hour, all site workers are away from site etc, to avoid being idle.

The site foreman may have general, light labouring duties possibly picking up general rubbish, tidying the site, maintenance of mesh / sediment barriers or other similar duties in order to provide the client with a value for money service which helps to keep our Traffic Controllers alert and effective.


Our client base is diverse covering a wide selection of industries.

Our traffic management experience on a variety of large sites, during night work situations, in areas such as major earthworks, demolition, construction, and major roadway projects ensures a legally compliant and efficient project.

Hand in hand is our experience to cover the small works as well, performed in our communities, close to day care facilities, schools, shops, parks, open public spaces, pedestrian crossings, homes and more importantly our children.