Service Delivery Profile

  1. Initial contact by the client regarding traffic management requests, initiates a clear strategy and objective being identified surrounding projected works description.
  2. Our schedule of rates will be introduced to the client and discussion of price can be negotiated with the client that considers project duration, number of traffic controllers required, type and length of specialty equipment hire, after hours works that incur penalty rates and client procurement policy.

  3. Traffic Control Project survey for safety TRAFFIC CONTROL operators
  4. M & M Traffic Control will take the project requirements and compile a complete site survey and generate a computer designed Traffic Management Plan (TMP) for the projected works regardless of the 'working area size' with the primary focus being on safety throughout the entire work zone.
  5. Our traffic management supervisor (Cert III qualified) will create the appropriate site specific Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA) document, review and submit to the client the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) and submit to Main Roads a request for a Road Corridor Permit (RCP) as required.
  6. Road Safety TownsvilleOur traffic control operators (Cert II qualified) will review all associated TMP's, RCP's and Occupational Health and Safety documents relevant to the task, conduct pre start procedures for vehicles, signage and specialty equipment to ensure serviceability and operational preparedness.
  7. Upon arrival to the work site, a drive through of the working area will identify hazards and unforeseen circumstances by the traffic controllers during the site setup, with the emphasis to have the site safely erected and controlled prior to the arrival of the 'workers' to ensure that upon their arrival that they 'enter a safe working environment', ready to begin without delays.
  8. Our traffic controllers, throughout the duration, will remain vigilant of people, vehicles and pedestrians as well as maintain constant communication with all personnel operating within the work zone. Their courteous manner
    and ability to speak clearly with people allows the public to remain informed as a first point of contact promoting great public relations whilst representing the client.
  9. On completion of the project, following site / work / contractor administration, the work zone will remain in an 'ACTIVE' status until the workers, vehicles, plant and contractors leave the site completely before our traffic controllers will dismantle the site in a safe and efficient manner, ensuring all signage and equipment are removed and the work site is left in a clean and tidy manner should some areas be overlooked