About M & M Traffic Control

Our Company

Our Company offers a highly professional traffic control and management service to our clients and tenders a personalised service based on our ability to deal directly with clients and their staff from both Government and Private sector organisations.

Our Management

Our Management team are dedicated and focused towards ensuring that the element of RISK when undertaking any work on or near the road, offers a safe working environment for people who are exposed to serious harm whilst engaged in the 'performance of a task'

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide and maintain a safe working cordon that has been designed to prevent injury or a fatality occurring, whist roadside works are conducted, by day or night, regardless of season, weather or terrain.

Our Personnel

Our Personnel are friendly, vigilant and safety conscious individuals who are accredited and experienced traffic controllers that liaise with site personnel, pedestrians and plant operators to ensure everyone is aware of each other's movements throughout the working area.M & M Traffic Control

Our work ethics

  • Provide a safe workplace for all staff at a work site
  • Warn the road user of a traffic hazard ahead
  • To keep traffic safely on the move around your road works and construction site
  • Guide traffic safely through, into, around or past a work site.
  • Courteous and friendly manner acting with responsibility and care
  • Continual refresher and advancement training of Persons Involved In Traffic Management
  • Ongoing improvement processes of business and service delivery operations
  • Constantly watching the workers back, while the worker(s) perform their job.